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  • 01. Its 100% free and open source
  • 02. Integrates plug-ins giving more functionality
  • 03. Visual editor and easier CMS
  • 04. Add blogs to your website
  • 05. Allows good search engine optimization
  • 06. Offers specialized SEO plugins used worldwide
  • 07. Adding numerous features to your website
  • 08. Plugin Development

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Take advantage of the advanced methods of doing business and build strongest platforms in this present era of globalization and a neck-to-neck competition. Nowadays WordPress is the one of the most popular blogging platforms used by many businesses on the internet. In the decade of its existence, this blogging software WordPress has become an essential part of the internet. WordPress Development gives opportunities for a great number of large and small enterprises to update, edit, change or modify the content of their website in the most convenient manner. We always recommend using WordPress for the backend of a B2B website because it has a very short learning curve, is user-friendly, and is simple to update. There are WordPress plug-in’s that provide extended capabilities for a variety of needs. Whatever capabilities your marketing or sales team requires for your website, there’s probably existing plug-in that can easily be downloaded and installed on your WordPress website. We create clean and robust WordPress applications and Wordpress Plugins that deliver better results for you with passing time. Our expertise has garnered us industry recognition and we’re proud to be WordPress core contributors.

We specialize in creating effective, bespoke websites with a clean UI using cutting edge web technologies. With immense experience backing us, we’re not just WordPress development experts, we are system experts. We understand the ins and outs of WordPress to provide you with the reliable advice you need. You will get a high-converting website with fluent navigation, seamless user interface, and responsive design to help you distinguish your brand from competitors. Whether it’s building a complex system or a WordPress Plugins or Wordpress theme customization, we’ve got you covered. We will help you painlessly convert your site to WordPress from Drupal, Joomla, Magento or any other system. Focus on your business and shift your maintenance woes to us. We’ve got bullet-proof maintenance plans that can save you time and money. We come up with unique custom code solutions that extend your website’s functionality to meet your specific requirements. Our API Integration and Programming offering provides a complete solution to help you take care of your business integration needs.

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Our WordPress developers at TechTIQ Solutions supports web software where you can create a beautiful website, blog or app.

Award Winning Websites

Maintenance and Up-gradation

Reliable Websites

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To create perfect-looking Wordpress themes with flawless functionality.

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Ensure Availability

Plugins and security patches get regular updates all the time


'Wordfence security' plugin is used to protect you from hackers and malware

Proper Reporting

Generate it for business website that fetches your business goals.

Highly Affordable

Ongoing expert support services and affordable support plan

Failure Alerts

Incase of failure alert we provide information to users

Network Monitoring

Main focus is on network as it is most vulnerable in terms of security

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