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In the steadily booming android market, TechTIQ Solutions is a renowned android app development company and pledged to meet the distinct demands of our clients. We are well-known for delivering manifold android development services offshore custom android app development. We have expert android app developers to cater the ultra-smart and unique android app development solutions.
  • Android App UX/UI Design
  • Android App Programming
  • Native Android App Development
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android App Redesigning
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Support & Maintenance
Why Android?
Market Share
1.4 +
billion active devices
40 +
application stores
Java as a programming language
Research and Technical
Our extensive research and technical analysis process support you produce a complete application blueprint report.
Our technical analysis is a key component for any app development.
Thus, Research and technical analysis method helps to produce the best app for our clients.
Gathering Required
Gathering required documents and creating use cases, seems absurd, but that's exactly the approach many software applications are built today.
Its necessary to define the minimum viable product.
The collected data helps developer or designer in producing the bug-free Apps.
Design UI/UX
Designers coordinately insight a mockup plan.
Prepare wireframes & uploads to basecamp to collect clients feedback.
If clients approve the plan, it proceeds to development.
Developing Products
We favour aligning development as per set milestone.
Testing of all development segments is executed thoroughly.
Modifications are logged individually as "Change Request" with expected span.
Quality Check &
Using JIRA bugs tracking & app issues are per.
Developers fix bugs and faults during each sprit and execute UAT- user acceptance testing & overall functional testing.
Perceive beta, live testing across all types of screens along with optimization testing during staging and live server.
Support & Maintaining
We do provide complete support to our clients along with evaluation.
We equip clients for content and site management, server support and useful upgrades.
Do support for modifications or revise the application plan and begin a new cycle, if required.
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Best Android Development Services

Get a professional team of android app developers, enthusiastic to build industry-defining products for your business.
Android App Design
TechTIQ strictly complies to android app development requirements, including logo & icon design, UI/UX design, etc. All our designs are premium and responsive. We make sure quality prevails over quantity.
Any Device
We guarantee our apps supports all devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs, and more. We hold a large "fleet" of testing devices to develop custom android software that runs flawlessly.
App Development
Our expertise knows all the "ins and outs" of android app development. We apply top-notch development tools, and techs to deliver stunning effects and beat clients expectations.
Native Apps
As a renowned android app development company, We can't bear to spare quality by producing hybrid apps. We proceed the extra mile to deliver the best App to our clients.
Agile Project Management
We have an iterative, incremental method of managing the design and development of apps. With well-organised, Skills; We make your android apps at top.
Support & Maintenance
We provide excellent customer support at all stages of the android app development lifecycle. We do assist our client even after the launch of apps for future upgrades.
Our Awesome Features
With our vast experience working with different technologies and services, we can implement a variety of technology stacks that our clients might request.
Bespoke Android Apps
Your imagination is our creation! Your endeavour is our priority! Bespoke android business apps invented to boost your sales and marketing. State of the art technology to support android design architecture for modern business specifications.
Expert Android App Developer
Our android app developers have expertise in developing apps for multiple android devices. Our coders & programmers equipped with advanced technology to customise the android application as per trending business needs.
Android App Testing
Android app testing is diverse and more complex. It has its own set of challenges. Therefore, Our dedicated team of app testers makes sure the final product is up to the mark, Faultless and bug-free.
Android UX/UI
Android UI/UX allows you to build the graphical user interface for your app. Our android app developers ensure well-organized UI/UX design into your mobile app development project can go a long way in raising sales and establishing more loyal clients.
Security and Distribution
Android is heavily secure in itself, safe from malware threats and we make it even more secure. With transparency, we endured out the ideal security blanket for your mobile. The security features that significantly diminish the frequency and impact of application security concerns.
Full Cycle Customer Support
Our customer support is experienced in dispute resolution on all stages of the project development life cycle. We do assist our client even after the launch of apps for future upgrades. Our customer support experts are available 24/7.
Elite TechTIQ Solutions For Your Next Android App
Make a killer UI/UX plan and robust, flexible app development for your next android app project build an android app that stands one in a million!
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We to code. It's our passion

Below is an extensive list of some of the selected technologies we use. We study new technologies and write our own implementations that we also share with the community in an open source format.